Video Optimization

Video SEO Strategies

Our video optimization specialists also understand video SEO strategies. If you want your video to appear in the first few pages of search engine rankings, it needs to match the keywords people are using in their searches. It also needs relevant links and substantial social sharing. We have studied and perfected many video SEO strategies that will make sure your video is getting its fair share of attention.
Our team at Universal Positions is a creative and SEO driven group of marketing specialists that truly understand video SEO and video optimization. Give us the chance to show you how powerful video optimization can truly be!

The Power of Video Optimization

Our experienced and skilled online marketers specialize in creating powerful video campaigns that have the potential to go viral. We know how to implement video SEO strategies that will quickly attract attention to a specific video and get them ranked on the first page of all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as video optimization techniques that will ensure the video is as user-friendly as possible. We take the power of video marketing and kick it up a notch by making sure that every video is getting the play back it deserves to the widest audience possible.

Video Optimization Improves the User’s Viewing Experience

Video optimization is focused on reducing video-start times, reducing the amount of network bandwidth required, and improving the overall user viewing experience. There is nothing worse than picking a video that takes several minutes to download or even worse, one that crashes your entire computer system. We understand that if people encounter any difficulty when they are watching an online video, they will quickly turn it off. We will make sure this does not happen to your videos.

Expert Video Developers

Our video optimization designers have developed countless simple and effective professional videos, as well as numerous shockingly unique videos that immediately went viral. Each video is customized based on your business’ purpose and goals. No matter what kind of video we create for you, we will make sure that the video offers the user optimal performance. That means it is fully-functioning and accessible on all mobile platforms without any delays or inconveniences.
The key components of video optimization include streaming policy control for all major video and audio services, HD video optimization and video caching with adaptive optimization. All of these specialized techniques are designed to improve network efficiency and enhance multimedia content delivery.

Videos need to be Flawless

There are so many videos available online that no one is willing to watch one that freezes or stalls. If it takes too long to download, pauses half-way through or has any flaws in it at all, the user will move on to the next video on the list. Our talented team will ensure that every one of your videos plays in its entirety without any errors. If a user has chosen to watch your video, it is crucial that the experience is uninterrupted. They should be able to hear your complete message without any annoying glitches.