Social Media

Social Media Strategists

Our talented team of marketing strategists have spent years studying how to make social media work to your advantage. We understand how to execute campaigns that will increase both the quantity and quality of online followers while increasing a business’s exposure on popular social media networks. There are millions of potential consumers waiting for you on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and we know how to get their attention.

Social media users have high expectations. They see countless advertisements and promotions, so they cannot be easily swayed by the same old thing. The team at Universal Positions understands how to grab their attention, appeal to their interests without overwhelming them in the process.

Social Media Strategies

Social media strategies involve a combination of effective cross-promotions, compelling offers, and quality content. Due to the astronomical number of competitors that already have established an online presence, companies that are new to social media need to mix these three marketing fundamentals in a way that will truly stand out.

We ensure that the social media posts we create are getting the responses and shares they deserve. Social media content needs to be relevant, informative, compelling, and original. That is a tough order to fill, but our team has done it again and again.

Social Media Content Worthy of Sharing

Our social media marketers know how to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it within their own social networks. More sharers means more potential followers and more followers means increased exposure.

Full Service Social Media Company   

Our social media strategists will perform the following functions for your business:

  • Identify key competitors and their social media strategy
  • Develop informative SEO driven content to promote on social media sites
  • Create compelling videos to increase social media traffic
  • Syndicate content using RSS feeds
  • Encourage interactions on posts to increase the number of followers
  • Monitor the effects of your social media campaign

The social media team at Universal Positions will use their SEO expertise and social media marketing savvy to do all of the above and more! We will create a campaign customized to your specific clientele. It is our mission to do whatever it takes to give your website the exposure it deserves.

Our Universal Positions team also knows that social media is a relatively new marketing medium that is constantly evolving. We follow and set the trends to ensure our customers are receiving getting the most from their social media campaigns. Isn’t it time you tapped into the millions of daily social media users?