Mobile Search Engine Optimization

Making Mobile Optimization Work for You!

Our team at Universal Positions are skilled marketing specialists who understand the importance of mobile optimization and mobile apps. We are a highly-experienced SEO driven company that knows how to quickly boost the search engine ranking for a variety of different industries. Success in today’s competitive marketplace requires a top spot in the Google rankings and mobile adaptability.

Mobile Optimization Formula

We have the winning formula for online success and we want to use it to increase your online presence. Our web designers are passionate about creating eye-catching and compelling mobile-optimized websites that are fully-functioning and accessible on all mobile platforms.
Smart consumers realize they have an endless stream of options when it comes to researching companies online. They perform a quick online search and usually choose one of the first three websites that appear. If they click on a site that is not easily read and manipulated on the mobile device they are using, they immediately back track and choose another site. In our fast paced world, consumers expect speed and convenience across all platforms.

Mobile Optimization Improves Conversion

Our mobile optimization team at Universal Positions are focused on mobile SEO to improve your business’ conversion rate. A mobile-optimized website means that less Smartphone and iPad users will abandon your site because it is too hard to scroll or search. If it is easy to use on their mobile device, there won’t be anything discouraging them from using it.

Complete Mobile SEO Strategy

We will create a complete mobile SEO strategy to not only bring new leads to your website, but to keep them there long enough to make a purchase. Our focus is on developing engaging and user-friendly features that appeal to even the savviest of consumers. We understand that it takes a lot of strategic planning to bring new leads to your website and that you don’t want to lose a single one of them due to slow downloads, broken links, or other malfunctions.

Mobile Optimization with Web Apps

Another important aspect of a mobile SEO strategy is creating a dynamic and interactive website that has easily downloadable web apps. A web app is basically a highly-functioning mobile-optimized website that a consumer can use directly from their mobile device. Our company can take your existing site and make it into a convenient and fully functional web app that will look good and work perfectly regardless of the type of mobile device.

Save Money & Make Money with a Mobile-optimized Website

We also know that developing a mobile-optimized website as the basis for a mobile SEO strategy will significantly reduce future maintenance costs while retaining more new users. Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile 7 Apps can be developed as wrappers to the underlying mobile website. Only the top pages are written in native code to ensure acceptance in app stores and an improved user experience. This means the majority of content changes can then be accomplished simply by changing the mobile HTML code. This will reduce the cost of making changes on all platforms and eliminate the need to resubmit to various app stores.

Our experienced mobile optimization specialists can improve your conversion rate using a proven mobile SEO strategy, convenient and fully-functioning web apps, and a mobile-optimized website that looks professional on all platforms. Let us show you how mobile optimization can work for you!